Boiler Replacement

Get the maximum coverage by applying for boiler replacement scheme by ECO

The requirement of replacing the former boiler is an expensive affair. However, the UK residents are privileged to apply for a boiler upgrade scheme from ECO. Together with the UK government, the initiative has been taken by ECO to provide a government boiler grant if certain criteria match the applicants.

Free Eco Grants is built with a team of skilled professionals capable of helping the applicants to get the free boiler scheme with the necessary guidance. Being a property owner, if you find that the existing boiler has been quite old and reducing performance, then consider replacing it with the latest and technologically evolved boiler with the funds that you receive.

With each passing season, the manufacturers are showing technical wonders in upgrading their electrical products for the benevolence of mankind. To stay on the edge and enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated boiler, replacing the former will be a smarter move! Collaborate with Free Eco Grants to receive the maximum to 100% boiler grant and install a trending boiler in your kitchen or wherever suitable

How can we help?

Applying for the replacement boiler or oil boiler grants is a complex and time-consuming process. As ECO wants each criterion to be matched with the applicants, they make the process prolong and can also send regret letters by declining the application due to the lack of transparent information.

At Free Eco Grants, we earned goodwill for helping people to apply for the boiler replacement scheme. Without facing any difficulty, they keep their faith in us and our experts proceed with the application and the applicants receive the approval soon.

You can rely on our years of expertise in supporting people receiving free boiler replacement for pensioners and from other categories. Instead of going through the criteria, discuss it with us and we can provide you with the necessary information to apply for the boiler replacement grants from ECO without facing rejection.

On approval of the boiler grant Scotland, we will find you a reliable contractor that can install a new boiler at your place. If you receive the full funds from ECO then you don’t have to pay anything extra. However, it’s a matter of intense discussion that can be done on receiving the grant.

Feel free to call at our office for any further enquiry. Our representatives will be happy to answer all your questions and provide more clarity on the boiler replacement grants scheme.

Your current boiler must be non-condensing and you must be in receipt of any of the following benefits:

Job Seekers’ Allowance

Employment and Support Allowance

Income Support

Pension Credit

Working/Child Tax Credit

Universal Credit

Housing Benefit

Child Benefit

be in a “low income” household;

Over the age of 65

Have a child under the age of 5

have a serious illness

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