External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation

35% of your homes heat is lost through your walls making them the largest heat loss area of your home therefore it is extremely important that this area is treated to minimise heat loss to a minimum.

Most new properties in England and Wales will currently have filled cavities although there are still a large number which have a cavity wall construction but do not have insulation within the cavity which is a waste of heat from within the property whilst also not utilising the buildings construction to its maximum potential.

Older properties will not have a cavity within there walls this is called a solid traditional built property and this is also perfect for Internal wall insulation.

One of our teams can carry out a process which involves fixings external insulated board to the wall with plastic wall plugs and is then rendered to provide an excellent finish. This will provide additional protection against heat loss and keep your home warmer whilst saving on fuel costs.

In order to qualify for an external wall insulation grant you need to have a property with an uninsulated cavity or be of solid traditional construction

Increase Comfort, Reduce Energy Bills & Carbon Footprints- Embrace external wall insulation UK

Global warming is a major concern for all countries. The British government has thus come to a step forward with a 4 Billion investment to provide home insulation to UK residents. Homeowners can apply for internal and external wall insulation grants along with roof insulation, boiler maintenance and other relevant services included in the list to avail of the funds they can get as coverage for the services.

If you own a house in Britain and would like to insulate it to reduce the carbon footprints then it’s high time to apply for government grants for external wall insulation. Even with tenants you can receive the grant; however, the government wants to fulfil certain criteria for the tenants as well. With our help, you can get a 100% grant sanctioned for internal or external wall insulation in your home.



Why Free Eco Grants?

Meet an experienced team 

We take pride in successfully building a team of highly skilled technicians working in insulating homes using various materials over the past several years. The team is headed by trained operations managers with expertise in designing and performing the best external wall insulation UK with satisfactory results.

Get support to receive funds for free external wall insulation 

Applying for free external wall insulation or internal wall insulation is a challenging job unless you are well informed about all the necessary criteria you need to fulfil to grab 100% cost coverage.

Our representatives can visit your place and get a picture of how to put the exact measurements of the house including other information that the application process requires. With our help, you will face no rejection; rather, expect to receive the approval for the internal and external wall insulation grants Scotland anytime!

We maintain 100% transparency 

At Free Eco Grants, we have earned goodwill by being friendly and maintaining 100% transparency with our customers while building insulation for external walls and internal walls.

We are also equipped with an arsenal of cutting-edge machines, technologically sophisticated to provide the best insulation services.

Go for insulation to save on your monthly energy bills and improve comfort in living. People living in areas with cold weather enjoy the warmth provided by those insulated walls.

Increase the valuation of your property by insulating the walls. Also, the acoustic wall insulation services reduce noise from outside and other floors or rooms of the house. Enjoy a peaceful and comfortable life in an insulated home done by us.

Call us now for any further details about internal and external wall insulation.


External wall insulation

You must be in receipt of any of the following benefits:

Job Seekers’ Allowance

Employment and Support Allowance

Income Support

Pension Credit

Working/Child Tax Credit

Universal Credit

Housing Benefit

Child Benefit

be in a “low income” household.

have a serious illness.

Over the age of 65

Have a child under the age of 5

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