Loft Attic Insulation

Apply for the UK Government Grant for Loft Insulation with Free ECO Grants

Insulating a loft is similar to giving your house a woolly hat! Have you thought about saving the heat from the boiler by insulating your home in the UK? Apply for the government grant for loft insulation now and let the UK government along with ECO offer you the funds to insulate your loft attic. However, you are only eligible to apply for the loft insulation grant if the criteria match.

Free ECO Grants are here to guide you throughout the application process. Equipped with the best technology and skilled professionals onboard, we are here to ensure you 100% approval for the loft insulation grant Wales, Britain, Scotland, and whichever area you stay in the United Kingdom.

Why loft insulation is necessary?

Prevent heat loss at your residence by insulating the roof or loft of your home with the popular mineral wood insulation. The heat produced from the HVAC or the boiler has a tendency to ooze out from the roof or loft due to the lack of insulation. However, after insulating the loft, you can feel how warm your home is.

Save on your monthly energy bills by insulating your home. Despite insulating the walls whether internal or external, consider insulating the loft and roof of your home to preserve the heat and to save more on your energy bills. Contact us now to know whether you are eligible to apply for the government grants loft insulation for over 70s and let us take it from there. We assure you of fast approval of the grants from the government that almost covers the cost of insulating the targeted areas.

By insulating the roof or loft you can reduce carbon footprints. Like any sensitive individual, your concern for preserving the environment from skyrocketing pollution can let you apply for the grant instantly.

The loft insulation reduces the outer noise inside your house. Enjoy a peaceful and comfortable stay after insulating the walls and roofs of your house.

We at Free ECO Grants can provide insulation services along with supporting you to receive the grants. Thankfully, we have a talented team of skilled insulation technicians offering the best services with high-quality raw materials.

We also suggest applying for the loft insulation grants Scotland or wherever your residence is in the UK, to increase the value of your property. Even with tenants, you are eligible to receive grants from the government.

Loft/attic Insulation

25% of your homes heat is lost through your roof/ceilings making it a large heat loss area of your home therefore it is extremely important that this area is treated to minimise heat loss to a minimum.

Most properties will have some form of loft insulation this can be in many forms including loose or in quilt form, although this is a common insulation to have there are still a large number which have either none or an amount which is not to industry standards (at least 270mm)

This will increase the amount of heat losses from within the property.

This is the easiest least disruptive energy saving measure that can be done.

One of our teams can carry out a process which involves simply rolling out quilt form loft insulation in 2 layers so it can be done in a way where it is cross laid which will provide additional protection against heat loss and keep your home warmer whilst saving on fuel costs.

In order to qualify for a loft insulation grant you need to have a property with less than 270mm currently installed.

Loft/attic Insulation

You must be in receipt of any of the following benefits:

Job Seekers’ Allowance

Employment and Support Allowance

Income Support

Pension Credit

Working/Child Tax Credit

Universal Credit

Child Benefit

Housing Benefit

be in a “low income” household.

Over the age of 65

have a serious illness.

Have a child under the age of 5

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