The Science of Climate Change Explained: Facts, Evidence and Proof

The science of climate change is more solid and widely agreed upon than you might think. But the scope of the topic, as well as rampant disinformation, can make it hard to separate fact from fiction. Here, we’ve done our best to present you with not only the most accurate scientific information, but also an explanation of how we know it. How do we know climate change is really happening? How much agreement is there among scientists about climate change? Do we really only

Carbon neutrality by 2050: the world’s most urgent mission

As the world marks the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change, a promising movement for carbon neutrality is taking shape. By next month, countries representing more than 65 per cent of harmful greenhouse gasses and more than 70 per cent of the world economy will have committed to achieve net zero emissions by the middle of the century. At the same time, the main climate indicators are worsening.  While the Covid-19 pandemic has temporarily reduced

UK government to introduce grants to make homes more energy efficient

Three-year scheme to provide up to £15,000 for middle-income households will start in April 2023 The business secretary, Grant Shapps, will announce a plan next week to offer grants of up to £15,000 to middle-income households to make homes more energy efficient, according to reports. The scheme, called “eco plus”, will run from April and target middle-earners to enable them to fund work on their homes such as installing cavity-wall insulation or smart heating controls. The government has set aside £1bn for the