How to Apply for the Boiler Replacement Scheme Scotland?

boiler replacement scheme

If the existing boiler in your house has become outdated and facing a technical glitch then replace it with a technologically sophisticated one that consumes less electricity, apply for the boiler replacement scheme Scotland. The UK residents are happy by receiving the eco grants Wales, Scotland and England provisions by the government for economically backward individuals and families for the sake of insulating their homes. Even for the rental property you are eligible to apply for these grants if the house doesn’t have an insulated roof and walls or a steady boiler.

Grab some quick tips to apply for the boiler replacement—

Follow the guidelines & apply for the grant 

You should have decided about the type of grant you need to apply for before filling up the form online. The website has the details about the green homes grant Scotland, Wales and other places across the United Kingdom for the new applicants for the ECO Grants. Read the eligibility criteria before you go forward to apply for the boiler replacement grant scheme for your home.

You can re-apply if get rejected

Mostly the DIY applicants have to face rejection whether they apply for the wall or roof insulation or even for the boiler or air source heat pumps Scotland grants. Sometimes they miss out on certain clauses that lead them to confront disapproval of the grants.

Apply with the help of an agency 

Apply for the boiler replacement scheme with a reputed agency. They are a team of professionals who know about applying for the ECO grants properly for a sure-shot approval!