Tips to Contribute to the Well-being of the Environment-let’s Start From Your Home


The raging environmental threat with increased carbon footprint across the globe is a serious matter of concern for all nations. The governments in the UK have come together to provide support to homeowners where they live or use as rental properties with eco grants UK.

Before you take any random decision, check out the different types of grants under the green homes grant scheme that the government offers and apply for the exact type of grant you need as financial support for enhancing the comfort of your home and to reduce your share of carbon footprints. Also, enjoy a reduced monthly energy bill which is a plus.

What you can do? 

  • You can think about planting saplings. Deforestation is a major cause of global warming. By planting more trees, you can do a serious contribution to the environment. Trees live in carbon-di-oxide. Thus, by planting more trees you can save mankind by letting more trees inhale the carbon-di-oxide exhaled by human beings and animals.
  • Think about insulating the walls of your house. Apply for the cavity wall insulation UK grants from ECO in association with the UK government. Balance the thermal comfort of your house throughout all seasons. Reduce the carbon footprint by insulating the home.
  • Opt for roof or attic insulation for making the house more comfortable in winter. If all the criteria match, apply for the loft insulation grant UK.You can also take expert help in this regard to get the approval in the first go!

Instead of letting the boiler create more carbon prints, embrace insulation and install heat pumps that naturally channel warm and cold air through the air vents just like the HVACs.