Top Building Insulation Materials Available

Top Building Insulation

If you feel frustrated paying off the skyrocketing energy bills every month even after installing power-saving lights and gadgets, it’s high time to opt for home insulation. Despite insulating your house, consider insulating your office, commercial properties, warehouses, and so on. Apply for the government grants for external wall insulation offered by ECO if you are eligible for that.

To avoid rejection, connect with a reputed company that helps their clients to apply for grants for cavity wall insulation UK. They know the exact ways to apply for the grants after knowing your details and later on can provide the service providers to complete the insulation services perfectly.

Here are some types of leading insulation materials available that most contractor trusts—


Fibreglass is one of the most demanding and common building insulation materials. These are recycled glass used for both residential and commercial properties for various reasons. Fibreglass is known for reducing heat transfer. Therefore, go for free loft insulation Scotland by utilizing the grants.

Mineral wool

The non-flammable mineral wool is manufactured from two materials slag wool and rock wool. The environment-friendly insulation material is rated within R-2.8 to R-3.5 considering the R-value.


Polystyrene is a 100% waterproof and transparent thermoplastic material often chosen by contractors for insulating residential and commercial properties. As this product is flammable, the contractors use it for insulating walls and use fireproofing chemicals to ensure safety.

When you avail of the free eco grant, have a detailed discussion with your contractor regarding which material to choose.