Types of Grants You Can Apply From Eco Grants UK

Eco Grants UK

For the sake of preserving our environment from the rising carbon footprints, the UK government has taken the initiative of offering Eco Grants UK to residents under certain income groups. The aim is to offer financial support to the economically backward class to insulate their properties including the rental properties to lower the use of furnaces or heaters that burn more electricity.

Already the higher rate of carbon particles and chemicals increasing in the air, water and soil is threatening the living world. To reduce the use of more nuclear plants for electricity production or lowering the rate of using our natural resources such as coal, the UK government is offering multiple financial aids from external wall insulation grants to loft insulation, boiler replacement grants and so on.

You can apply for different types of ECO Grants UK such as—

Internal & External Wall insulation

As English, Ireland and Scotland experience extreme weather, particularly in winter, insulating the walls is an excellent way to keep the interiors warm in winter and cooler in summer. Apply for the cavity wall insulation grants if you’re eligible to receive complete funding for the service.

Boiler and air source heat pump grant

If you already have a furnace installed in your house then it’s fine. However, if the existing boiler needs a replacement for better functioning and saving more energy- then apply for a boiler replacement grant. Otherwise, apply for an air source heat pump grant,an excellent HVAC technology.

Besides, these apply to roof and loft installation. The UK government is also lenient about offering solar panel installation grants to eligible candidates.